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    The 10th Anniversary Celebrations of NANJING BEINUO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LIMITED

    In Golden October,2018, the 10th anniversary celebration ceremony of our company was held at Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing. Tan Shengcai,the vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (CCCMHPIE),Wu Yimin,the Chairman of High Hope Int’L Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Ltd. , Hao Tingyan, the executive director of Chongqing Sansheng Industrial Co., Ltd and Chairman of Chongqing Chunrui Medicine Chemical Co., Ltd, Xu Jiuyin, the deputy general manager of Railway Group Co., Ltd., Gu Biao,the general manager of the business department of Sinosure,Jiangsu branch and the close-cooperation partners from all over the country and all the company staff along with their family members participated in the event.

    The celebration was  kicked off in the performance of " fluorescent lion dance and Laser water Drum". The music is cheerful and inspiring. And the corporate video displayed the development history and impressive achievements of Beinuo.



    Frist of all,Mr Pangjie ,the general manager of the company,delivered a speech at the conference. He warmly welcomed all the guests who attended the celebration tonight and expressed sincere gratitude to all the friends and partners who have been caring for the company for many years and all the employees and their families who have worked hard for the company's development and growth.

    General manager Pang Jie said that the tenth anniversary is an important node in the growth of BEINUO. In the past ten years, under the guidance of the concept of “better than promise”, the company has been adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of “integrity, rigor,perseverence,and innovation”.We forge ahead,working and conducting faithfully,which lead us to  win the trust from customers and the recognition in pharmaceutical industry.

    The 10th anniversary is also a new start for BEINUO. This event is not to seek spiritual comfort from the past achievement, and not to resting on our laurels, but to better summarize the past, plan the future, further enhance the understanding and cooperation with all friends and to make our pace of progress to be more solid and stable .


    Looking forward to the future,we are standing at a new starting point. We believe that the big tree of BEINUO will become more flourishing, with the love and support from all the guests, colleagues and friends and the hard work of all the company's staff . The road ahead of BEINUO will surely become wider and wider. And Beinuo’s future  will definitely be more and more brilliant.

    Afterwards, ,Mr.Tan Sheng Cai, Vice President of CCCMHPIE, delivered a speech on behalf of CCCMHPIE. First of all, he expressed his warm congratulations to the 10th anniversary of BEINUO and sincere gratitude to  BEINUO ‘s contribution to the industry and support for the Chamber of Commerce. He said that in the past 10years, BEINUO has grown from small to large and its development has been very stable. The achievements is obvious..After ten years’ hard working, BEINUO proved itself. He said he believes BEINUO will be much better in the next 10 years and expects BEINUO to bring more surprises to the industry. Finally ,he wished that BEINUO would make a big progress from a new start and achieve higher development goals under the leadership of Mr Pang.



    Then, Mr. Wu Yimin, Chairman of High Hope Int’L Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Ltd delivered a speech. Firstly, Mr,Wu,expressed his warm congratulations to Mr Pangjie about Beinuo’s  10th anniversary . Then he retrospected  the cooperation and development between Jiangsu Champion  and BEINUO in the past ten years. With continuous development of business and intensive cooperation,mutual emotions between Champion and Beinuo  are gradually deepened. He believes that Beinuo will bring a lot of surprise in the future.


    Finally, Mr. Hao Tingyan,the executive director of Chongqing Sansheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and chairman of Chongqing Chunrui chemical and medicine Co.,Ltd delivered a speech. First ,Mr. Hao expressed his warmly congratulations to the achievements of Beinuo in the past decade. As a old friend of Beinuo, he and Chunrui witnessed the development of Beinuo in the past 10years. The two parties have developed business  from a single product into a strategic cooperation and now Benuo become Chunrui’s investment shareholder. Mr Hao said Beinuo’s impressive achievement under the severe economic situation was originated from the outstanding personal character and charming personality of Mr Pang and hard work ,honesty and selflessnes characteristic of the team.Mr. Hao also wished that Bennuo would march into a new level in the next ten years under the leadership of Mr Pang.




    After the speech,the appreciation banquet started along with the band’s wonderful performance. The guests frequently raised their glasses ,toasted each other over mellow wines and delicacies.The stage performances were wonderful and exciting. During the feast, the lucky draw was also interspersed .How a lively the celebration is! The atmosphere is full of cheerful laughter. Every guests received a wonderful souvenir.The celebration ended.



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